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Streamlined Investment and Order Management

As their business expanded, Main Management set out to find a streamlined platform to manage their trading workflow. “From a best practices standpoint, having an order management system for a firm our size was crucial to growth,” says Luke King, Vice President of Trading and Business Development. “Running trades and managing multiple custodians without an integrated system was very inefficient and time consuming. We also recognized that having robust controls and systems in place has a great deal of value, especially when working with institutional clients.”





Selecting the Right Technology

To find the best platform, Main Management identified these key requirements:

  • Model Management: Main Management offers a solutions-based approach that requires both customized and standardized ETF investment strategies.  The strategies need to be implemented quickly, regardless of custodian or account specific requirements.

  • Order Management and Execution: Main Management clients have assets across multiple custodians, including Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade. Creating orders and executing trades across multiple custodians to achieve consistent quality executions is a top priority.

  • Integration: Timely and accurate data is critical to the success of a trade management platform. Seamless integration with the Advent Axys portfolio accounting system is required.

ATOM Align Benefits

Main Management decided that ATOM Align was the best solution for their firm because it offers these key advantages:

  • More consistent trade executions across different custodians. With ATOM Align, Main Management can manage trading across all accounts within one system, which allows them to meticulously track their performance and trade executions. “ATOM greatly streamlined the efficiency of our trading process,” King says. “Being able to trade multiple custodians through one platform definitely increases the consistency of our trade executions across our various custodial platforms.”
  • More robust systems and controls for trading. ATOM Align features built-in additional control logic, such as cash minimums, restrictions, and other safeguards. This means Main Management — and their clients — can have full confidence in their systematic and accurate trade management.
  • Faster reactions to the market. ATOM Align’s streamlined modeling features, combined with its sophisticated order management system, allow Main Management to create trades for hundreds of accounts and execute trades across multiple custodians faster than ever before.
  • Ease and speed of implementation. ATOM Align is cloud based, so the BlazePortfolio team was able to quickly complete all required configuration and integrations. As a result, Main Management was effectively using ATOM Align within one month of finalizing the purchase.
  • Thorough support from BlazePortfolio. BlazePortfolio provides full support for ATOM Align, including all server maintenance, regular upgrades, and bug fixes, as well as phone assistance during trading hours. In addition, BlazePortfolio quickly addresses and resolves all tickets sent to the support team. “We have been extremely happy with the level of service provided,” King says. “Whenever we have a question or an issue with the system, we always receive a quick response and resolution from the ATOM Align support team.”





From 2012 to 2014, the company has become significantly more scalable and has institutionalized their investment management process. Main Management has added several new clients and grown in assets under management by 50%, from $400 million to $600 million — all without hiring additional staff. Additionally, ATOM Align has helped Main Management reduce the time needed to create, validate, and execute trades by 88% — from 2 hours down to 15 minutes.

With ATOM Align, Main Management has become flexible and efficient enough to expand their business into new markets. By satisfying the due diligence requests of institutional clients, ATOM Align has helped Main Management win institutional business, as well. Main Management now has the ability to work with smaller accounts because of their scalable investment management process.

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